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Are you looking for a flexible job with the ability to determine your own schedule? Perhaps you would like to make extra money while your kids are in school, and still have your evenings, nights, weekends and holidays free. Apply to be a substitute support staff member with Green Bay Area Public Schools for $15/hour! Substitute support staff positions include paraprofessional, clerical and monitor positions. 

Substitutes have the opportunity to work a long-term position, or choose day-to-day assignments when their schedule allows. High school diploma or equivalent is required. 

Job Posting for Substitute Support Staff Positions (Paraprofessional, Clerical, Monitor) - $15/hour

Directions on how to apply

Support Staff Substitute FAQs

Do I have to work every day?
Substituting allows individuals the flexibility to choose when they want to work and how often. However, we do encourage substitutes to work as often as available, as they are a critical part of our team in educating children. The District has a 20-day minimum that we require our subs to work.

Do I have choice in my assignment?
Substitutes are able to select which position they wish to fill. With 42 schools, students ranging in ages from 4-21, and several specialty schools and programs, there are many opportunities for substitutes to find their unique fit or enjoy a wide variety of teaching assignments. Substitutes have the availability to set their visibility of open positions and may choose to sub only at a preferred school or may choose to sub at all schools in the District.

What is the rate of pay for substitutes?
The District recently raised the substitute support staff rate of pay to $15 per hour! Subs in long-term positions have the potential to earn $16 per hour.

How are substitutes paid?
All District employees are paid on the 16th and last day of the month. Substitutes are required to use the District’s time clock system to record their time worked.

How do I know if I would be a good fit?
Support staff substitutes need to have a high school diploma or equivalent. Subs should have experience working with children. 

Please contact the Executive Director of Human Resources Mike Friis at [email protected] or (920) 272-7011.

Job Duties for Support Staff Substitutes

Duties specific to Substitute Paraprofessional:

•Maintains confidentiality in verbal, written, and electronic communication.
•Refers confidential information to the appropriate person.
•Follows safe practices and adheres to safety standards.
•Assists with classroom management and monitoring of student behavior;
•Prepares classroom materials, projects, demonstrations and visual displays;
•Assists with clerical duties, such as keeping attendance records.
•Works with individual students or small groups of students to reinforce learning of material or skills initially introduced by the teacher.
• Operates and cares for equipment used in the classroom for instructional purposes.
•Distributes and collects workbooks, papers, and other materials for instruction.
•Assists with the supervision of students during emergency drills, assemblies, play periods, and field trips.
•Reads to students, listens to students read, and participates in other forms of oral communication with students.
• Assists students in the library or media center.
•Helps students with their clothing, wash-up, and toilet routines, as necessary.
•Assists with lunch, snack, and cleanup routines, as necessary.
•Adheres and follows work-related health, safety, and emergency procedures and practices.
•Provides instructional support by working individually or in small groups of students with learning, cognitive, emotional, or physical disabilities, to reinforce learning of materials or skills initially introduced and outlined by the Special Education Teacher.
•Provides behavioral support by assisting teachers in maintaining discipline and encouraging acceptable behavior of students.
•Transfers students in and out of holding and on/off buses, vans, etc.
•Facilitates student’s use of mobility equipment such as leg braces, walkers, mobile standers, and tricycles.
• Supports teachers on field trips by helping students with physical and behavioral needs, and reinforcing learning situations.
•Uses physical restraint or seclusion in compliance with state and federal law and District policies and procedures in instances where there is danger to the student or other students.
•Responds to the physical and behavioral needs of students in cooperation with the bus driver, during transportation to/from school.
•Administers first aid and provide basic nursing care as directed or authorized by a school nurse.

Duties Specific to a Substitute Monitor:

• Attends to the supervision of children at all times including: playground (Dress according to weather), lunchroom, hallways and study halls
• Deals with students concerns in a fair, consistent manner
• Reports any accidents to the school office as soon as practicable
• Informs classroom teachers of accidents, injuries, or illness of students during lunch or recess time (as well as office depending on time and place of 
• Aids in cleaning tables, as needed
• Dismisses students in a timely manner
• Perform other job-related tasks as directed by the supervisor

Duties Specific to a Substitute Clerical Support Staff:

• Operate general office machines
• Operate basic computer functions
• Filing and retrieval
• Ability to follow written and verbal directions
• Plan and put job tasks in priority order
• Exhibit neatness in personal grooming and in maintaining a professional work environment
• Interact with personnel to obtain and provide information usually requiring some interpretation and/or explanation
• Perform receptionist duties, such as receiving visitors, ascertaining the nature of the visitors business, giving appropriate information to visitors and making 
• Answering incoming calls, transfer calls, answer inquires, record and deliver messages, screen calls as directed by the supervisor
• Open incoming mail, sort contents, and time-stamp and distribute
• Perform other job-related tasks as directed by the supervisor
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