Equity Department


Why is Family Engagement Important?  
High-impact family engagement is important because it helps to promote, timely, culturally and linguistically communication approaches which will improve outcomes for students and families. Our efforts need to be systematic and comprehensive.
Think of family engagement as being baked INTO the cake, not just as icing that looks nice on top of the cake. It is best when family engagement is integrated throughout all aspects of programming. Our district’s family engagement team can assist you with any of the following:

  1. Family Engagement Coordinators work with ALL families within the District. Our cultural experiences are a part of our background and enhance the way we work.
  2. We collaborate on opportunities by providing culturally relevant ways for families and students. Our goal is to increase participation and involvement with our families and community members regarding activities and initiatives within our District.
  3. We respond to individual family requests for support by connecting families with school, District, or community based resources.
  4. We work proactively with staff and families to engage and collaborate for student success, as well as increase understanding regarding equity throughout our work.
  5. Family Engagement Coordinators meet with parents and principals regarding concerns or complains and work with school staff and parents towards a resolution of the issue.
  6. We support family engagement work of various departments including Special Education, Technology, Behavior Support, LST/CIJ, CCCR, as well as other  District departments and divisions.
  7. We provide culturally responsive resources and professional learning to District staff.
  8. We represent the Equity Department in various District and school level teams, as needed.
  9. We identify and collaborate with key community organizations who serve and provide resources to students and families.
  10. We promote and assist with Family Events and Transition Events.
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