Human Resources

The mission of the Green Bay Area Public School District Human Resource department is to serve as a strategic partner in support of the academic mission of the Board of Education. We seek to attract an ethnically diverse staff who are committed to engaging and inspiring our increasingly diverse student population.  To that end we will:

  • Treat all employees with dignity and respect
  • Balance the needs of employees with the needs of the District
  • Maintain an open door policy and encourage an exchange of ideas
  • Provide a safe and healthful working environment
  • Recruit and retain qualified employees; attract, develop, motivate and retain a diverse qualified workforce within an inclusive work environment
  • Administer compensation benefits, policies, procedures and regulatory compliance
  • Foster open communication and personal accountability
  • Provide solutions to workplace issues based on policy and best practice
  • Facilitate communication, equal employment opportunities and labor relation services

Human Resources Hours:
Monday through Friday 7:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Appointments available at other times as needed.

We do our best to handle walk-in appointments, however the person you need to see may not be available so we recommend calling ahead to schedule an appointment so we can best meet your needs. 

Department Staff

Mike Friis Photo
Mike Friis
Executive Director of Human Resources
Email Mike
(920) 272-7011
Internal: 50549
Responsibilities: Acquisition, development, and retention of our diverse and thriving workforce. Leadership to recruit, select, retain, place and reassign personnel, employee training and development, and supervision and evaluation processes

Mary Photo
Mary Lofy Blahnik
Director of Employee Performance and Evaluation
Email Mary
(920) 448-2089
Internal: 50386
Responsibilities: Compliance (Board Policies, EEO Coordinator, EEOC, Investigations, WiseStaff), Performance (Non-teacher evaluations, Job Descriptions, Staff Performance) and Substitute/Guest Educators and Support Staff (education, hiring and licensing)

Lyndsey Seela Photo
Lyndsey Seela
Human Resources Manager - Investigations Emphasis
Email Lyndsey 
(920) 448-3866
Internal: 50387
Responsibilities: Title IX Compliance; Workplace and School-based Investigations

Allison Busalacchi Photo
Allison Busalacchi Human Resources Manager - Data Emphasis Email Allison
(920) 448-3583
Internal: 50388  Responsibilities: District, State and Federal Reporting (Staff),HR Information Systems - Updates, Troubleshooting, Creating/Running/Analyzing Reports, Contract Administration, District Calendars, Overloads/Stipends/Additional Time, Educator Licensing, Emeritus, Employee Records (IC, Business Plus)Salary Schedule maintenance

Jessica Cortes
Jessica Cortes
Human Resources Manager - Benefits Emphasis
Email Jessica
(920) 448-2038
Internal: 50381 
Responsibilities: Benefits (for all employees and retirees)

Angela Cox
Angela Cox
Human Resources Manager - Leaves Emphasis
Email Angela 
(920) 448-2247
Internal: 50482 
Responsibilities: FMLA and other leave questions

Joline Hill
Joline Hill
Human Resources Manager - Talent Acquisition Emphasis
Email Joline
(920) 448-3585
Internal: 50485
Responsibilities:  Talent Acquisition and Recruiting, Coordination of District staffing, Summer School Program staffing, Emeritus, Management of Job Descriptions
Jenny Bartels
Jenny Bartels Human Resources Associate Email Jenny
(920) 272-7482
Internal:50385 Responsibilities: Assist visitors to Human Resources, answer and route phone calls, support HR processes/procedures, Workers' Compensation, District Van Driver screenings
Brea Bostedt Photo Brea Bostedt Human Resources Associate Email Brea (920) 448-2018 Internal: 50416 Responsibilities: Contracts, Educator Licensing, Employment Verification, Leave Balances and Loan Forgiveness for the following groups: Educators, Administrators and Managers at Beaumont, Keller, Kennedy, King, Jackson, John Dewey Academy of Learning, Langlade, Lombardi, MacArthur, Northeast Wisconsin School of Innovation, Southwest; Employee Groups: Head Start Child Care, Noon Hour Supervisors/Elementary Monitors, Summer Maintenance, ASB Workers/Drivers

Cheryl Cooper
Cheryl Cooper
Human Resources Associate - Benefits
Email Cheryl
(920) 448-3582
Internal: 50479
ResponsibilitiesBenefits (for all employees and retirees)

Danielle Dirksen
Danielle Dirksen
Human Resources Associate
Email Danielle
(920) 272-2233
Internal: 50488
Responsibilities: Paraprofessionals, Paraprofessional Licensing, Absence Management:  Day-to-Day Employee Absences, Daily Substitute Employment (Hourly Support Staff); Time and Attendance 
Leah Foss Photo
Leah Foss
Human Resources Associate
Email Leah
(920) 448-2032
Internal: 50489
Responsibilities: Contracts, Educator Licensing, Employment Verification, Leave Balances and Loan Forgiveness for the following groups: Educations, Administrators and Managers at Aldo, Brown County Institute of Learning, Leonardo da Vinci, Dr. Rosa Minoka-Hill, Head Start, Chappell, Elmore, Fort Howard, Franklin, Lincoln, Katherine Johnson Academy, Tank, West; Employee Groups: Technology Deployment Team, Parent Engagement Coordinators, After School Coordinators, Student Learning Advocates, Secondary Monitors, First Nations Specialists, Van Drivers, Parent Helpers

Andrea Hernandez Guerrero
Andrea Hernandez Guerrero
Human Resources Associate
Email Andrea
(920) 228-9279
Internal: 50579
Responsibilities: Contracts, Educator Licensing, Employment Verification, Leave Balances and Loan Forgiveness for the following groups: Educations, Administrators and Managers at Baird, Danz, Doty, Edison, Eisenhower, Nicolet, Sullivan, Washington; Bilingual Educators; Employee Groups: Maintenance, Trades

Molly Krueger
Molly Krueger
Human Resources Associate
Email Molly
(920) 448-2074
Responsibilities:  Absence Management: Day-to-Day Employee Absences, Daily Substitute Employment (Educators); Substitute Educator Licensing; Time and Attendance

Danielle Kurowski Photo
Danielle Pelischek
Human Resources Associate
Email Danielle
(920) 272-2234
Internal: 50589
Responsibilities: Clerical Staff, Executive Assistants, Food Service, Substitute Food Service, Riders for Athletics and Activities

Cami Wendricks Photo
Cami Wendricks Human Resources Associate Email Cami
Internal:50358 ResponsibilitiesContracts, Educator Licensing, Employment Verification, Leave Balances and Loan Forgiveness for the following groups: Educators, Administrators and Managers at Auxiliary Services Building, District Office Building, East, Howe, Martin, McAuliffe, Preble, Red Smith, Webster, Wequiock, Wilder    Marie Viste Photo Marie Viste Educator Development and Effectiveness Coordinator  Email Marie  (920) 272-2235 Internal: 50685 Responsibilities: Educator and Administrator Licensing, Frontline Professional Growth, Initial Educators, Mentors, Teacher Training, Grants  
Greg Ubbelohde
Greg Ubbelohde Human Resources Associate Email Greg
(920) 272-7656
Internal: 50557 Responsibilities: Frontline Professional Growth, Initial Educators, Student Teachers, Mentors, Teacher Training, Grants, AVID Tutors, Coop and Work Experience Students, Interns, Department Chair and Miscellaneous Stipends, Community Partners

General Inboxes:

[email protected] - Absence inquiries can be directed here.

[email protected] - Used by administrators only to submit staffing requests.

[email protected]  - Do not send emails to this account, please, as it is used for sending out notices to WECAN applicants.

[email protected]  - Used by administrators to share hiring folders and recommendations.

[email protected]  - Used to request employment verifications for loan applications, loan forgiveness, etc. [email protected] - Used for receiving accident reports and updates regarding worker's compensation.

[email protected] - Benefit inquiries and verification documents can be directed here.

Master's Degrees:

Educators who have recently completed, or are near completion of an approved Master's Degree, as well as anyone interested in enrolling in a Master's Degree program, should draw their attention to this notification for important due dates.

Voluntary Reduction in FTE Requests:

If you are an educator  who is interested in requesting a voluntary reduction of your FTE for the 2022-23 school year, please first speak to your supervisor or principal for approval to submit the Request for Reduction in FTE form.  


Final approval will be given by Human Resources in consultation with the principal or department director and the Executive Director in Spring/Summer 2022.  Every effort will be made to provide communication back to you, the employee, prior to educator contracts being issued mid-late Spring 2022.

Educators Job Share Request Form and Due Date 


The Job Share Request form with the policy from the Employee Handbook is available on the District Intranet Human Resources page.  Educators who would like to begin a new job share should first speak to their supervisor or principal to receive approval to submit a request.  Working in consultation with the principal or department director and the Executive Director, Human Resources will provide educators with final approval and communication prior to educator contracts being issued in Spring 2022.

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