Background Check FAQ

FAQ’s Regarding Background Checks

1. Must I have a background check prior to volunteering in my child’s school?
Yes. Criminal background checks will be conducted under the direction of the District’s Human Resources Department prior to the first time a volunteer works with students.

A “volunteer” is any person who offers to perform a service or carry out an activity during the school day or during extended-day, school-related programs, including volunteer chaperones on student field trips or other travel trips, without pay or other material compensation that permits the individual to have access to students.
A “volunteer” also includes athletic coaches and volunteers for District programs who do not receive compensation or remuneration for their services.

2. How often is a background check required?
A background check is good for two school years from the date of processing. You may contact the school office to verify the date of expiration as needed. The District reserves the right to conduct additional checks prior to the two year expiration.

All approved volunteers shall notify Human Resources as soon as possible, but no more than three calendar days after any arrest, indictment, conviction, no contest or guilty plea, or other adjudication of the volunteer for any felony, any offense involving moral turpitude, and any of the other offenses as indicated below:

A. Crimes involving school property or funds;
B. Crimes that occur wholly or in part on school property or at a school-sponsored activity;
C. A misdemeanor which involves moral turpitude [e.g. an act or behavior that gravely violates moral sentiments or accepted moral standards of the community]; or
D. A misdemeanor which violates the public trust.

The requirement to report a conviction or deferred adjudication shall not apply to minor traffic offenses. However, an offense of operating under the influence, revocation or suspension of license, and driving after revocation or suspension must be reported if the volunteer drives or operates a District vehicle or piece of mobile equipment or transports students in any vehicle. Failure to report under this section may result in revocation of volunteer privileges.

3. Am I required to pay a fee for the District to run my background check?
No. The District does not require volunteers to pay costs associated with the background check.

4. What information must I provide for a background check to be run?
In order to run a background check, an individual must provide:

1. Full legal name and all prior names;
2. Date of birth;
3. Current and prior addresses; and
4. Social security number.

The databases accessed during the background check process require an individual to be identified by a social security number. Currently, there are no alternative methods for adequately and completely checking a person’s background without a social security number.

5. What information is checked under a background check?
The following databases are typically checked during a background check process. The District reserves the right to access additional databases under such process.

  • Social Security and Address Verification through a national query;
  • Wisconsin Criminal History (where applicable, other state databases where the applicant has lived);
  • Local law enforcement requests;
  • National Sex Offender Registry Program.

6. How long does the process take?
Typically, the background check process takes three to four weeks to complete. During peak times such as the start of the school year, additional time may be required. In addition, where an out of state search is required, additional time may be required.

7. Does the District check my credit information as part of a background check?
No. The background check does not check your credit history. A separate and distinct authorization would be required to authorize a credit information check. We are only conducting a criminal history background search and in limited circumstances, a traffic record history.

8. Who sees the background check results?
All information gathered during the District’s background check will be kept confidential. The District’s Human Resources Department may need to consult with District Legal Counsel and/or Superintendent of Schools and Learning regarding the results of the background check.

9. What offenses will prohibit my ability to volunteer for the District?
Where an offense has been disclosed on the background check application, such revelation will not automatically impact an individual’s ability to volunteer for the District. Decisions regarding whether the revelation of a specific offense will negatively impact an individual’s ability to serve as a school volunteer are made on a case-by-case basis and in compliance with all applicable state and federal laws and District policies.

However, a failure to disclose pending arrests or prior felony or misdemeanor convictions will be grounds for exclusion as a school volunteer, regardless of the nature of the arrest or conviction. In addition, the making of any false or misleading statement or omission shall be grounds for immediate disqualification as a school volunteer.

10. What happens if I do not pass the background check?
If you fail to clear the background check, you will not be able to volunteer for the District. It may be the case that you could be permitted to apply to volunteer at a later date. You will be notified if you fail to clear the background check.

11. Can I receive a copy of the completed background check?
Individuals are allowed a free copy of their background report in the event the individual does not clear the background check and is not permitted to volunteer for the District. For individuals who clear the background check, a request for a copy of the check must include a check for $50.00. Requests can be sent in writing to the Human Resources Department: 200 S Broadway, Green Bay WI 54303.

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