2015-16 Legislative Session
Brenda Warren, Board of Education President
Thank you for your interest in the information we have posted regarding the 2015-16 Legislative Session and how legislation will impact our school district.
As the elected body representing the children, parents and members of the Green Bay community it is our obligation to share all legislative proposals that will positively or negatively impact our efforts to educate every child in our district to be college, career, and community ready.
Thank you for your interest in and support of Green Bay Area Public Schools.
Brenda Warren
President, Board of Education

Below are bills that the District is currently watching:

AB 751, Amendment 2 - On February 4, the Assembly Education Committee agenda included AB 751, which addresses special education vouchers, and two last-minute amendments to the bill. Amendment 2 is most concerning in that it modifies the funding formula for the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program (vouchers) that was made law this past spring. Currently the school district is able to levy to the full amount for any voucher student, which helps to offset costs for busing voucher students, and any ELL and special education services. The amendment would result in the school district losing money every year for each new voucher student. Current law increases the voucher program by 1% of District student enrollment for nine years and in the 10th year removes the cap.

  • Please see the letter sent by District administration and the Board of Education in opposition to the amendment. 
LRB 1820 - Current law prohibits a person from possessing a firearm on the grounds of a school. A person who violates this prohibition is guilty of a Class I felony. Under this bill, a person who has a license to carry a concealed weapon may possess a firearm on the grounds of a school but is prohibited from possessing a firearm in a building on the grounds of a school if instruction is provided to students in the building and if the building has signs posted at all entrances that notify the licensee not to enter or remain in the building while possessing a firearm. A licensee who violates the prohibition is guilty of a Class A misdemeanor unless the licensee has a malicious intent, in which case the licensee is guilty of a Class I felony.

  • View the letter from the Board of Education and District administration opposing LRB-1820 - January 22, 2016.
AB 517- Requires schools to report crimes and other incidents that occur on school property, on school transportation, and at school-sanctioned events.

  • View this letter from GBAPS and Green Bay Police Department in opposition to the bill.

AB 481- Limits school districts' ability to borrow and the use by school district and referenda to authorize bonding for capital projects or increase revenue limits and scheduling of referendums to exceed revenue limits.

  • Assembly Amendment 1 would reduce the bill's original two-year (730-day) proposed moratorium period on additional referenda, bonding and borrowing following a failed referendum to one year (365 days). It also removes restrictions on short-term borrowing proposed as part of the original bill. All other restrictions on borrowing (e.g., promissory notes, state trust fund loans, etc.) would remain in the bill.

AB 581- This bill expands the experience-based method to obtain a license to teach a technical education subject, created in 2015 Wisconsin Act 55,to include licenses to teach vocational education subjects. Under the bill, vocational education subjects include agriculture, child services,clothing services, food services, housing and equipment services,family and consumer education, family and consumer services, home economics-related occupations, health care-related occupations, business education and marketing education.

AB 602- This bill adds Christian Schools International to the list of entities that are accrediting agencies and pre accrediting agencies for purposes of the Milwaukee, Racine and statewide voucher programs. This bill also adds Christian Schools International to the list of entities from which accreditation may qualify a private school to participate in the Special Needs Scholarship Program.

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