Community Safety Forum Summary

School Safety Community Forum Feedback
Posted on 05/08/2018
Community Safety Forum FeedbackAfter the Parkland school shooting, the Green Bay Area Public School District was aware of a heightened concern by parents regarding school safety. The District was also receiving communications from vendors and concerned citizens providing suggestions and possible solutions. In addition, social media conversations expressed a need for parents to have an opportunity to connect with one another about how they could have a more active role in keeping their children safe. 

On March 10 and April 30, the Green Bay Area Public School District and the Green Bay Police Department hosted School Safety Community Forums to provide parents, District staff and members of the public an opportunity to engage in facilitated roundtable conversations that allowed all voices to be heard regarding school safety. 

During the community forums, 918 comments were received from participants. From these, 15 comments supported more weapons and/or armed guards; 26 comments opposed more weapons and/or armed guards; and 48 comments suggested a need for more mental/emotional support services.

General themes from the Community Forums:
  • Overwhelming support to increase funding, support, and services surrounding mental/emotional health
    • More counselors, school psychologists
    • Seek support and resources from county services.
  • There are more comments opposing the increase of weapons and or armed guards in schools.
  • Lack of communication of safety plans. They want to know how they can become better educated.
  • Desire to learn more about ALICE
    • Send home regular updates and information about what it is and trainings and drills that have been conducted at each building.
    • Host parent and community sessions to teach them about ALICE and how their children are reacting to active threat situations.
  • Rather than increasing funding for armed guards support the current SRO structure.
    • Increase the number of SROs to ensure each building is adequately covered.
    • Ensure the roles of the SRO is well established for staff and the SRO.
    • There were many comments saying that the SRO relationships with staff and students would be very important.
    • The SRO should have a strong understanding of working with troubled students and responding to student with mental/emotional issues.

Responses to the individual questions and other feedback:

  • Question 1 - As a community member/parent/teacher, what concerns do you have regarding student and staff safety in Green Bay area public schools?
  • Question 2 - In regard to school safety procedures, what do you want to know that you do not already know? 
  • Question 3 - What are the pros and cons of the Police Chief’s thoughts of placing an armed officer in our schools? 
  • Question 4 - Given no financial/staffing limitations, in your view, what does a solid school safety plan look like? 
  • Question 5 - How can parents/students/community members play an active role in school safety? 
  • Question 6 - What ways would you recommend improving communication between schools and community regarding school safety? 
  • Question 7 - What other concerns about school safety do you have that you feel we are missing?
  • Parking Lot - Space for feedback outside of the scope of the seven facilitated questions.
  • Additional - Feedback received outside of the School Safety Community Forums
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