Return to School Survey Responses
Return to School Survey Responses
Posted on 06/16/2020
Survey Results

The Green Bay Area Public School District surveyed staff and parents/guardians about their comfort level returning to school in the fall. 

Survey results links:

-Parent Survey Results
-Staff Survey Results

Highlights from the staff survey:

-2,344 staff members completed the survey, with 52% representing regular and special education teachers.

-41% of respondents are comfortable returning to school in the fall, but have concerns.

-Ensuring work spaces are cleaned and sanitized daily (88%), and that the Brown County Health Department and Centers for Disease Control guidelines were followed (75%) were the factors that staff felt were needed in order to be comfortable returning to work.

-Approximately 80% of the respondents shared that they would return to work in all three scenarios: in-person, virtual or a hybrid model (teaching in-person and virtually).

-78% of respondents said that they would return to work in the fall.

-66% of respondents said they would be willing to wear a face mask, with 28% responding that they would be willing to wear a face mask, but not all the time.

-Respondents were split on requiring staff to wear face masks were to their comfort level in returning with 49% sharing that it would increase their comfort, 25% stating no, and 26% having no opinion. Opinion changed little when asking about students wearing face masks with 52% stating it would increase their comfort level, 25% stating no, and 23% having no opinion. 

-When asked about possible concerns in returning, respondents shared that 68% were concerned about public health regulations not being followed, with classroom/office not properly disinfected (59%) and the availability of personal protective equipment (58%) as other significant concerns.

Highlights from the parent/guardian survey:

-All 42 schools had parent/guardian participation, with 4,215 responses.

-66% of respondents stated that they would send their child back to school in the fall, with 27% uncertain.

-For those families that were uncertain, 46% preferred a hybrid model that allowed students to participate both in-person and through remote online learning. Only 16% expressed interest in only online learning.

-When asked about returning to school if no vaccine is available, 46% of parents preferred students attending school every day as normal. 

-42% of respondents were comfortable with minimal or no concerns for their children attending school if recommended by the Department of Instruction and the Brown County Health Department. 11% expressed not being comfortable at all.

-When asked about factors that would make parents/guardians feel more comfortable, responses with the most agreement were: classroom and gathering spaces be cleaned and sanitized daily (78%), sanitizing supplies be readily available (76%), Department of Health and CDC regulations are followed (58%), symptom checks of employees required before entering school (57%), and mandatory symptom checks required for every student (51%).

-In response to the questions about face masks, 40% of respondents expressed that staff wearing face masks would increase their comfort level, and 66% stated that they would send their child to school if students were required to wear face masks.

-41% of respondents shared that they would allow their child to ride the bus to school.

-66% of respondents expressed that they would send their children to school without an available vaccine, with schools following state safety protocols.

-Parents/guardians did not have significant agreement on what the primary concerns were for sending children back to school in the fall. The largest percentage of agreement was 20% of parents/guardians identifying classrooms and other gathering places not being property disinfected.

-97% of the respondents shared that they have access to the internet for student remote learning.

-When asked about what was most important to parents if children participated in remote learning, responses were varied, with the greatest agreement (30%) being that their children were interested in and engaged by the material.

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