Equipment Use

Conditions of use

The Lessee agrees to comply with the following conditions for the use of school property.


  • The Lessee will pay rental fees as set forth in the Rental Schedule within 30 days after the date of Invoice.
  • The Lessee may be required to pay an advance deposit.
  • The Lessee shall not make any payments directly to Board of Education employees.


  • The subletting of school facilities by the Lessee is prohibited.


  • Lessee shall provide and be responsible for all supervision and security at the rental function.
  • Lessee shall monitor or maintain all exterior doors to the rental area in a locked position.
  • Supervision shall remain in effect until all attendees have vacated the premises.
  • The use of open flame, pyrotechnics, smoke, or chemical fog is prohibited.
  • The Lessee shall follow all fire code regulations.

Smoking/ Use Of Alcoholic Beverages / Firearms

  • The Lessee will not permit smoking on school premises.
  • The Lessee will not permit the use of alcoholic beverages on school premises.
  • The possession of firearms on school district property is prohibited.


  • When refreshments are served, the Lessee will not permit food or drinks in auditoriums or gymnasiums.
  • Use of school owned concession stands must be cleared with the school principal prior to the event.


All cancellations must be made by calling the Facilities and Related Services Department at 920-448-2180 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., at least one business day prior to the event.  Failure to notify will result in costs incurred by the District being billed to the Lessee.


  • Stage lighting and equipment, audiovisual equipment, and kitchen equipment may be used provided it is operated by Board approved personnel.  Other school-owned equipment other than seating, lecterns, and tables shall not be used by the Lessee.
  • Scenery, stage materials, and equipment belonging to student organizations of the school shall not be used by the Lessee.
  • The Lessee will not roll, tie up, or take down any stage hangings.
  • The Lessee will not permit anything to hang on the same batten with the borders and light battens.  Stage curtains shall not be allowed to touch the floor.
  • No electrical equipment shall be brought in for use or wiring changes made without prior approval of the Executive Director of Facilities and Related Services and inspection by the Board of Education electrician.
  • The Lessee shall remove all equipment brought in as soon as the rental period is over.
  • The Lessor will not assume any responsibility for any Lessee property brought into the school.
  • The Lessee will not cut holes or drive nails or screws into any school fixture, floor, ceiling, or wall.
  • The Lessee shall pay for any damage or loss caused to school equipment and property.


It is the renter's responsibility to provide a wireless telephone for emergency or other use.

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