Specialty Areas

East, Preble, Southwest, and West (Del Marcelle) Stadiums

A Board of Education employee is required to be present when stadiums are used.

The Lessee will pay for costs of cleaning stadium grounds after the event.

The Lessee will contact the high school principal at East, Preble, Southwest, and West at least 30 days prior to the event if concession stands are to be used.  The Lessee understands that school groups have first rights for concession sales.

Computer Lab Use

In order to keep the software installed on personal computers (PC’s) consistent, the District secures the installed software. As a result, the lessee will not be able to install any programs. Only applications currently installed will be available to the lessee. Filtered internet access is also provided.
The lessee must complete a “Community Partners Agreement” prior to the use of District computers and technology equipment. In order to ensure that needed security access is established, the lessee must contact the District’s Instructional Technology Integration Specialist to initiate the Community Partners process at least one month before the date of the facility use/rental. 
The District cannot guarantee that users of school computer facilities will not experience downtime due to problems with the District network.

Kitchen Rental Agreement

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