Pupil Non-Discrimination

The Green Bay Area Public School District, in compliance with Wisconsin’s non-discrimination law, is committed and dedicated to providing the best education possible for every student enrolled in the District. As such, it is the policy of the District to ensure that no person  be denied admission to any public school in the District or be denied participation in, be denied the benefits of or be discriminated against in any curricular, extracurricular, pupil services, recreational or other program or activity offered by the District because of the person’s sex; age; race; religion; color; national origin; ancestry; creed; pregnancy; marital status; parental status; homelessness; sexual orientation; gender identity; gender expression; gender non-conformity; physical, mental, emotional or learning disability/handicap; or any other legally-protected status or classification.

Where can I find the District’s Pupil Non-Discrimination policy?

The Board of Education’s Policy and Rule regarding pupil non-discrimination can be found by searching for the policies on BoardDocs.

Board Policy 411 - Equal Educational Opportunities (to view the policy, please visit BoardDocs and search for the policy)
Board Rule 411-Rule(1) - Equal Educational Opportunities Complaint Procedures (to view the policy, please visit BoardDocs and search for the policy)

In addition, each year the District provides proper notice of its Non-Discrimination Complaint procedures in the Pre-K and Elementary Student Expectation Books, Middle and High School Student Expectation Books, and Employee Handbooks, as well as publishing the notice in the area newspaper and on the District’s website. That notice can be found here: Green Bay Area Public School District Annual Notice of Non-Discrimination.

How do I report an incident of pupil discrimination?

Any student (or the parent/guardian of a student) who believes he/she has been discriminated against by another student, District employee or other person should immediately report the incident. Reports may be directed to a building administrator or to the District’s designated employee for receiving complaints regarding discrimination.  

Reports of discrimination are encouraged to be made in writing; however, verbal reports will be accepted. Reports may also be made confidentially.

All reports should include, to the best of the complainant’s ability, specific information regarding the discriminatory action(s) or inaction(s), the basis (e.g., age, race, sexual orientation, etc.) for the action(s) or inaction(s), the alleged offender(s) and any witnesses.

Links to the District’s report form are found below. The form can be printed and filled out by hand, or completed online.

Download Form
Descargue el Reporte de Discriminación y Acoso en Español

Complaint Process

Following receipt of the complaint, as required by law, the District will conduct an adequate, reliable, impartial investigation of the alleged incident(s) in accordance with legal requirements. Any investigation shall be conducted by a person who the District determines is not identified within the complaint as a party who is allegedly responsible for, or who was directly involved in, the underlying issue or incident. 

Where necessary, the District may implement interim responsive measures, pending the outcome of the investigation, that are intended to address any person’s safety and well-being, prevent continuation or escalation of a conflict, or prevent disruption to a student’s education or within any school environment. 

If the parent/guardian of either the alleged target or alleged perpetrator disagrees with the District’s conclusions, they may appeal the negative determination to the State Superintendent of Public Instruction. In order to work collaboratively with the parent/guardian to seek a timely and amicable resolution, the District requests an appeal first to the Deputy Superintendent, and subsequently to the Superintendent of Schools and Learning, prior to submitting an appeal to the State Superintendent of Public Instruction. 

Is there a time limit for filing an alleged incident of harassment or discrimination?

The complaint must be filed within 300 days of the date the last alleged unlawful action occurred. If the complaint is filed after 300 days of the date of the last alleged unlawful action, it will be returned to the complainant and not processed.

Who is the District’s designated employee for receiving discrimination complaints?

The District’s designated employee for receiving complaints regarding discrimination under Wisconsin’s pupil non-discrimination law is:

Abby Tilkens
Student Discipline, Discrimination & Title IX Coordinator
Green Bay Area Public School District
200 South Broadway
Green Bay, WI  54303
(920) 448-2284
Email Abby

What other responsibilities does the District have with respect to pupil non-discrimination?

Wisconsin law also requires each school district to submit an annual compliance report the Department of Public Instruction and periodically conduct a self-evaluation of the status of pupil non-discrimination and equality of educational opportunity. The annual compliance report provides the number and type of discrimination complaints received by the district during the school year. The self-evaluation is a written report, prepared at least once every five years on a scheduled determined by the State Superintendent, that addresses: 1) the methods, practices, curriculum and materials used in counseling; 2) participation trends in athletic, extracurricular and recreational activities; and 3) trends and patterns in awarding scholarships and other forms of recognition and achievement. The District’s most recent self-evaluation reports are available as noted below:

Memo Re:  Pupil Non-Discrimination Self-Evaluation

Status of Pupil Non-Discrimination and Equality of Educational Opportunities Report 

Where can I learn more about Pupil Non-Discrimination?

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