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If you are having problems and have not watched the instructional video, please watch the instructional video first. You can also click a link below to see written instructions in your language. 

  Written Instructions




Still Having Problems?

We have some questions/scenarios below that may help you solve your problem.

How do I find my username and password?
The username and password for the MyStop bus app are located in the Transportation section of the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. You can also call following places to access your username and password:

Transportation (920) 448-2130   First Student  (920) 468-6515
 Your School Varies             East Lamers (920) 336-5264
 Tech. Help Desk (920) 448-2148   West Lamers (920) 496-3600

I downloaded the app, but there is not a place to select my school district. How do I find it?
Chances are that when you downloaded the app, you answered "no" when it asked you to allow it to use location services. You will want to delete the app and when that dialog box pops up, say yes so that the app will know where you are. It will then give you a list of districts nearby

Why isn't ANY busing information showing up on the screen?
Information for your child's bus is only available ten minutes before the route starts. If you are outside of the route time, you will not see any information.

Why is the WRONG busing information showing up on the screen?
There are multiple reasons this could be happening.

First, if your child has multiple pick-up and drop-off locations on different days during the week, we may need to get accurate information from you so the system knows which bus your child is riding that day. If the pattern is NOT the same every week, this app will not work effectively.

If your child rides the same bus all the time, then it is likely that the bus company needs to make some adjustments to the route. Please either call them using the information above or fill out the MyStop Support Ticket.

My child's bus is not at the stop on time.
Due to the amount of systems the data needs to travel through (see data path below) in order to get from the bus to your computer/mobile device, the app is only accurate up to two or three minutes. If the time is beyond two to three minutes off, please call your bus company to inform them of the problem. It is important that your student is at the stop at least five minutes before the projected time of arrival.

BUS > Cell Tower > Satellite > Geotab Server > Transportation Server > Onscreen > My Stop App > Parent
I am only seeing one student listed.
If you have more than one student, the system will show one student. Click on that name and a dropdown list will appear so that you can select another student.

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