Frequent Questions

Frequent Questions

The Transportation Services Department makes every effort to provide the best transportation options for your children. We understand busing policies are a bit complex. We are here to help. Please access our contact information on the Transportation Services Homepage.

I want my K-12 children to ride the bus. Do they qualify?

Students (K-12) who live two miles or more from their school of residence, or who live in an area deemed hazardous by the sheriff’s office are eligible for transportation.  

Click to see Boundaries and Eligibility page

Does my 4K child qualify to ride the bus?

4K students who live a half mile or more from their home school, or who live in an area deemed hazardous by the sheriff’s office are eligible for transportation. 

My child lives too close to school to ride the bus. What do I do?

If there is a bus route to your child's school that passes near your house, you may be able to take advantage of a parent paid contract. The cost is $200 per student per school year. Click here to learn about parent paid contract requests.

I have to bring my children to daycare before school, after school, or both. Can they still ride the bus?

If your daycare provider is located in the same school boundary, is in the ride zone, and the bus does not need to be rerouted, your child could be picked up or dropped off from that location. Please click here to go to our Request Forms page  to submit your request.

My children spend time at two households. Can they still ride the bus?

Please complete a dual household to have your child picked up or dropped off at another parent's location. Click here for more information about dual household situations.

Why does my child have to walk so far to school? Why can't you bus all kids who live closer than two miles?

We hope you understand that it is not easy for us to deny any child busing. However, we must follow State of Wisconsin Statutes and School Board Policies (700 Series: Support Services) pertaining to the transportation of students when making decisions about who is in a ride zone and who is in a walk zone.

How are bus stops determined?

Bus stop locations are determined by the bus companies to create the smoothest/shortest path for the bus drivers and to pick up multiple students at one stop. Keeping the fewest stops per bus route reduces travel time and increases safety. Generally, home stops are only created for a student with special needs or if the roadway has been deemed hazardous by the sheriff’s department.

How long will it take to get busing for my student?

If a new stop needs to be created it can take up to 5 business days before Transportation will begin. If there is an already existing stop the student can ride the next day. 

The bus goes right by my house. Why can’t it just stop and pick up my child at our house?

GBAPS transports more than 8,000 students on school buses each day. It would be impossible to provide door-to-door service to everyone, and still arrive at school on-time. 

Why are there no seat belts on large school buses?

Neither the State of Wisconsin nor the federal government requires seat belts on large school buses. School buses are designed to take a great deal of impact, not to crush in the event of a roll over, and to cushion children with compartmentalization between the seats in the event of a crash or fast stopping. Seat belts are largely intended to prevent a child from being ejected from a vehicle. Only children standing in the aisle or out of their seats are at risk of being ejected from the school bus. The Green Bay Area Public Schools District requirements for school buses adhere to the State of Wisconsin laws and statutes.

Do you have Green Bay Metro information?

Students in our district may ride the Green Bay Metro bus for free. See our Green Bay Metro Page for more information

How long before scheduled pick up time should my student wait for the bus?

Please have your student outside and waiting at the designated bus stop 10 minutes before the scheduled pick up time.

Questions? Contact Transportation Services

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