District Timeline

Date Event
1791 Pierre Grignon employs James Porlier to teach his children.
1820 The “first of Wisconsin’s schools” is located on the west shore of the Fox River around Fort Howard. Families pay tuition.
1836 Daniel Whitney constructs a frame building to be used as a schoolhouse and town meeting hall called the “Yellow Schoolhouse.”
1856 The first city-owned school, the  Sale School , opens. Known as “Old Brick,” the school is located on land donated by John Jacob Astor at what is now 523 Howe Street.
1868 Original  Howe School  opens. By 1871,  a high school is established.  Dousman School  opens in the Fort Howard community.
1871 The  Pine Street Schoolhouse  and the  Whitney School  open.
1875 First formal high school commencement ceremony in Green Bay occurs with the graduation of six students.
1878 Grammar B (the Hen Coop)  moves to the high school grounds. This building is condemned within a few years. Nellie Richardson is the first high school graduate from the  Dousman School (Second Ward School) .
1882 Third Ward School  opens in the Fort Howard District.  South School  opens (also known as the  Fifth Ward School) , located on the corner of 5th and Oakland Avenue.
1884 Original  Mason School  (located on the corner of East Mason & Irwin) opens.
1885 Sale School  is remodeled and used exclusively as a high school (Green Bay High School). The district also opens a school for the deaf, which is attended by eight students.
1889 Woelz School  opens. Originally is called East River School, located on the corner of Cedar and Willow Streets. In Fort Howard, the  Mather School  opens as a one-room first grade school.
1890 In Fort Howard, the  McCartney School  opens and houses the high school program. It is located on the northwest corner of South Ashland Avenue and School Place. This is the old  West High  building until 1910.
1893 East Side High School  opens, located on the corner of Chicago and Webster Avenue. Because the school is known as “the school on the hill” the students were called “hilltoppers.” The red sandstone at City Stadium is rumored to have come from this school when it was is torn down.
1895          Green Bay and Fort Howard districts consolidate. Part of the agreement states the west side should continue to have its own high school.
1896 The original  Tank School  opens.
1898 The original  Elmore School  opens on the corner of Vroman and Elmore Street. Also, a new  Mason School opens and replaces the original Mason School.
1903 The original  Chappell School  opens.
1905 East  and  West High Schools  compete against each other in football for the first time.
1907 The original one-room  Jackson School  opens. In Preble,  Summit School  on Route 2/Humboldt Road opens.
1909  West High School  opens a new facility on Shawano Avenue.
1911 West side eighth graders are placed into the  McCartney School  (the old West High School). This is the forerunner of a junior high in Green Bay. Green Bay’s first girl’s basketball team is started at West High School.
1912 Norwood School  opens at 1306 S. Norwood Avenue. Also, the newly constructed  Howe School  opens at its current site. Green Bay Education Association is founded.
1914 Green Bay’s first junior high school opens in Howe School.
1915 Preble School District opens  Oak Grove School .
1917 Whitney School  opens at 215 North Webster. This building is now used by Bellin Hospital. The  Allouez School , located at 116 West Allouez Avenue, is opened by the Allouez District.
1918 Lincoln Elementary School  opens at its current location 1105 Shawano Avenue.
1919 Mrs. Lee Blood founds the first Parent-Teacher Association Council in Green Bay.
1924 A new  East High School  opens at its current location of 1415 East Walnut Street. The East River was originally called the Devil River – this early name may have been the origin of the East High School mascot, the Red Devils. The old East High School on Chicago and Webster is converted into a junior high school. In Preble, Finger Road School  on Route 2/Finger Road is opened.
1925 Green Bay Packers start playing their games at City Stadium, located behind East High School.
1928 A new  West High School  opens at its current location, 966 Shawano Avenue.  Jefferson Elementary School also opens at its current location on 800 Phoebe Street.
1931 Fort Howard Elementary School  opens at its current location, 520 Dousman Street.  Roosevelt School  replaces the second Mason Street School at 1305 East Mason Street.
1934 Franklin D. Roosevelt School , located on 1823 Farlin Avenue, is opened by the Preble District.
1938 A new  Jackson Elementary School  opens on Ninth Street and Ridge Road. The original one-room school house is torn down.
1939 Washington Junior High School  opens at its current location of 314 South Baird Street.  Nicolet Elementary School  opens at its current location of 600 North Irwin Avenue. Also, a new  Elmore Elementary School  and Tank Elementary School  open and replace their original buildings.
1942 The Green Bay High School Band is disbanded and each high school sponsors their own program.
1950 A new  Chappell Elementary School  opens and replaces the original building.
1955 Preble School  opens at 241 South Danz. The building houses both the junior and senior high programs.
1956 Danz Elementary  is opened by the Preble District on 2130 Basten Street. The Allouez District opens  Webster Elementary  School, located at 2101 South Webster.
1957 District offices are moved out of  Sale School  into City Hall. Sale School is torn down.  Wequiock Elementary School  is opened on Route 1/Gibson Road. Wequiock is a consolidation of three small rural school districts: Ridge View, the Mount Mae School, and Benderville.
1958 Franklin Junior High School  opens on West Mason Street.
1959 Beaumont Elementary School  opens on Gatewood Street.
1960 Eisenhower Elementary School  is opened by the Preble School District.
1961 School Board changes name of  He-Nis-Ra School  to  Porlier .
1963 Langlade Elementary School  is opened by the Allouez School District at 400 Broadview Drive.
1964 Southwest High School , a secondary facility housing grades 7-12, opens at 1520 South Point Road.
1965 The district annexes the Allouez School District, bringing in Webster, Allouez, and Langlade Schools. Later in the summer, it also annexes the Preble School District, and with it Summit School, Oak Grove Elementary School, Finger Road School, Franklin D. Roosevelt Elementary School, Preble Junior-Senior High School, Danz Elementary School, and Eisenhower Elementary School. The consolidation makes the district the fourth-largest in the state.  Wequiock  petitions to join the district.  Kennedy Elementary School  opens on 1754 Ninth Street.
1966 Green Bay is selected as one of first sites for the  Head Start  program.
1969 Baird, Martin, and MacArthur Elementary Schools  open in their current locations. The three elementary schools are similar with their “open concept” classrooms.
1970 Edison Junior High School  opens at its current location of 442 Alpine Drive.
1971 Keller Elementary School  opens as a two-story open concept school at its current location of 1806 Bond Street.
1972 Southwest High School  opens at its current location of 1331 Packerland Drive. The old Southwest is renamed Lombardi Junior High Doty Elementary  also opens at its current location at 525 Longview Avenue. The Board of Education approved a girls’ interscholastic athletic program.
1974 District purchases former UW-Green Bay property and opens  Anne Sullivan Elementary  at 1567 Deckner Avenue.  Oak Grove School  is closed.
1977 Franklin D. Roosevelt School  is closed. District offices are moved to current location (old Vocational Tech School) at 200 South Broadway.
1979 Roosevelt and Whitney Schools  are   closed.
1980 Norwood School  is closed.
1986 School boundaries are redrawn to send a portion of Allouez students to Southwest. Junior high schools are reformatted as middle schools.
1990 Laura Ingalls Wilder Elementary School  opens at 2590 Robinson Avenue.
1991 Christa McAuliffe Elementary School  opens at 2071 Emerald Drive.  King Elementary School  opens at 1601 Dancing Dunes.
1994 Aldo Leopold Community School  moves from Allouez School into new location at former St. Joseph’s Academy, 622 Eliza Street.
1998 Wequiock Elementary  opens at its new location of 3994 Wequiock Road.

Red Smith School  opens at 2765 Sussex Street.

2007 Early Learning Center , a 4K and 5K school, opens at 312 Victoria Street.
2011 The  International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme  at  West High School  is launched in March.   The  Institute for the Fine Arts  at  East High School  is launched in September.  John Dewey Academy of Learning,  Green Bay's first charter school, opens in September;  JDAL  emphasizes project-based learning.
2012 School Within A School  model for Gifted and Talented Education opens at  Langlade Elementary  with 72 students in grades 2-6.
2013 The  International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme  at  Chappell Elementary  is launched in March. The  International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme  at  Franklin Middle  is launched in June.  School Within A School  for gifted and talented students is recognized as a school of its own by the Department of Public Instruction in August, and the District purchases a separate building for the school in October.  Friedrich Froebel Garden of Early Learning , a 4K and 5K school, opens at 3542 Finger Road in September. Webster Elementary becomes Webster Elementary Children's Center for Integrated Arts
2014 Leonardo da Vinci School for Gifted Learners  opens at 139 South Monroe Avenue.  Dr. Rosa Minoka-Hill School  opens at 325 North Roosevelt Street.  Bay Link Manufacturing , a high-precision manufacturing learning lab at  West High School , opens for business.  Bay Link Manufacturing  is a partnership between the Green Bay Area Public School District, Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, and the NEW Manufacturing Alliance.
2015 The District expands the automotive technician lab at  East High  to form  City Stadium Automotive. Bridges Construction & Renovation program at West High School expands
2017 Head Start Learning Center opens at its new location, 1150 Bellevue Street. 
2018 Washington Middle School opens the Washington Middle School for the Arts. Wequiock Elementary becomes Wequiock Elementary School Children's Center for Environmental Science. Howe Elementary becomes Howe Elementary Community School
2019 Early Learning Center closes at the end of the 2018-19 school year. Northeast Wisconsin School of Innovation opens at 701 Cherry St. John Dewey Academy of Learning moves to 701 Cherry St. A new Baird Elementary School opens at the same address, 539 Laverne Drive. 
2020  Jefferson Head Start opens at the old Jefferson Elementary School building in the 2020-21 school year, 905 Harrison Street. 
2021  GBAPS Online School (4K-5) opens in the 2021-22 school year.  
2022 GBAPS Online School (4K-5) is renamed to Katherine Johnson Academy of Enriched Virtual Learning
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