Faces of GBAPS 2021-22

The Green Bay Area Public School District is lucky to have staff and students with a wide range of talents, interests, and rich life experiences. The Faces of GBAPS series profiles these unique members of our community each week during the school year.

Minerva Escamilla

Minerva Escamilla has been teaching at Nicolet Elementary School for eight years. She currently teaches 4th grade bilingual students. When Minerva’s family came to Green Bay from Mexico when she was nine years old, Nicolet Elementary was the first school she attended in the United States. This year, Minerva has been named a Golden Apple Award recipient. Minerva vividly remembers moving from Mexico and enrolling in school, which she describes as a culture shock. At the time, Minerva didn’t have any teachers who looked like her or spoke her language. She decided at a relatively young age that she wanted to be a teacher, and be a positive and supportive role model for her students. Minerva graduated from East High School, and earned her teaching degree from UW-Oshkosh. She was the first in her family in the United States to attend college. Outside of school, Minerva enjoys music, sketching, and writing poems and short stories. 

Mark BonettiMark Bonetti has taught business at Preble High School for 24 years. This year, he was named a 2022 Teacher of Distinction and a Golden Apple Award winner. Mark says he feels humbled and blessed to win the award, and feels there are many wonderful and deserving teachers. Mark started his career after college working in business at American Express Insurance. He went back to school for his teaching degree, and has been at Preble ever since. Mark has four bachelor’s degrees and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. He received his degrees from Northern Michigan University, UW-Whitewater, Lakeland College and UW-Oshkosh. Education is very important in Mark’s family, as his wife is also a teacher. Mark and his wife have two children, both graduates of Preble High School. In his spare time, Mark enjoys hunting, fishing, watching outdoor sports, woodworking and gardening. 

Sebastian WestbergSebastian Westberg is a sophomore at Southwest High School. Sebastian has been interested in art since he was a child, and remembers eagerly completing “how to draw” books even before kindergarten. Recently, Sebastian earned a Silver Key Award in the Comic Art division of the 2021 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, Wisconsin Regional Competition. This honor has his artwork included in an exhibition of student work at the Milwaukee Art Museum. After high school, Sebastian plans to become a comic book artist. He has done many local art shows, entering his first show at the age of 10. Sebastian prefers comic book art because there are many different styles. He has enjoyed comic books since reading them with his parents at a young age. Sebastian is currently working on a comic book of his own design that he hopes to eventually publish and sell. Outside of school, Sebastian enjoys drawing, playing video games and exercising. 

Kaitlyn Herzog has been an English Language Arts teacher at Preble High School for three years. This year, she was named a 2022 Teacher of Distinction. Kaitlyn says she is humbled and honored by the award, and enjoys working collaboratively with her close-knit team of colleagues at Preble High School. Kaitlyn grew up in a family of 9th generation apple farmers. Nieman Orchards was built in the 1800s, and Kaitlyn established her work ethic and drive during her childhood at the orchard. Kaitlyn’s inspiration for teaching is her father, who passionately taught his customers and friends about apples and agriculture for many years. Being involved in the Preble High School community is a highlight of Katilyn’s career. She is the assistant girls track coach, the school newspaper advisor, and teaches AVID. In her free time, she likes to read, travel, exercise, camp, and spend time with her husband and dog. Kaitlyn and her husband are preparing for the arrival of their first child in July. 

Eric VanRemortelEric VanRemortel is a third grade teacher at Kennedy Elementary School. He has worked at Kennedy for four years, and was previously at Eisenhower Elementary for eight years. Eric enjoys teaching at the elementary level, and loves to work with kids. This year, Eric was named a 2022 Teacher of Distinction. Eric earned his degree from Northern Michigan University. Prior to officially joining the District, he was a student teacher at Langlade Elementary and Washington Middle School. What brings Eric the most joy is seeing the growth of his students both academically and socially. He loves to see the reaction from students when they find a solution to a problem. Outside of teaching, he likes to hunt, cook, run, and spend time with his family.

Molly LucareliMolly Lucareli is a fifth grade teacher at Webster Elementary School. She was born and raised in Green Bay, where she attended Aldo Leopold through 8th grade, and graduated from Southwest High School. Molly enjoyed the project-based learning environment as a student at Aldo Leopold, and knew she wanted to create that type of learning environment for her students. This year, Molly was named a 2022 Teacher of Distinction. Molly earned her degree from St. Norbert College, and is certified as an Arts Integration Specialist. She is very involved with the St. Norbert College Music Theatre Next Stage program, and enjoys working with high school students throughout Northeast Wisconsin in this collaborative learning environment. As a teacher at Webster Elementary School is a Children’s Center for Integrated Arts, Molly’s interests and talents are closely aligned with the school’s mission. In her free time, Molly likes to perform, travel, and bake.

Kristal DelbecchiKristal Delbecchi teaches fourth grade at Keller Elementary school. Prior to her position at Keller, she was a substitute in the District for three years. Kristal loves the relationships she builds with her students, and treats the kids like they are her own. This year, Kristal was named a 2022 Teacher of Distinction. Kristal is close to completing her Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction, which has been a long-term goal. She is very proud that two of her children also work for the Green Bay Area Public School District. Outside of teaching, Kristal enjoys hiking with her kids. She loves to hike even in the winter. It helps refresh her spirit before returning to work on Mondays. Kristal also spends time with her dog Opal, who keeps her busy.

Kathy WaldronKathy Waldron has been a custodian in the Green Bay Area Public School District for almost one year. Prior to joining the GBAPS team, Kathy was a medical transcriptionist for 25 years. Kathy is thankful for her job at Sullivan Elementary School, and says she has met some of the nicest, thoughtful, most caring people when she joined the District. Kathy grew up on a dairy farm in Reedsville, WI, and is one of 12 children. Kathy is an avid runner, and recalls being in kindergarten listening to the Boston Marathon results being read on the radio. At the time, Kathy asked her father if he thought she could run the marathon, and he said “yes” with confidence. Today, Kathy is preparing to run her 31st Boston Marathon on April 18, 2022. She is part of the “quarter century club”, and is the only woman in Wisconsin to have run the Boston Marathon more than 25 times. In her free time, Kathy enjoys training for the marathon, taking family vacations, hiking and biking. Kathy has two children, and would love for her son or daughter to run the Boston Marathon with her one day. 

Ya LeeYa Lee is a special education paraprofessional at McAuliffe Elementary School. He started in the Green Bay Area Public School District as an interpreter in 1991. Ya loves witnessing his students learn and grow, and seeing their smiles every day. After being in the United States since he was 10 years old, Ya is proud to have earned his U.S. citizenship in February. Ya and his family fled Laos when he was a child during the Vietnam War. After leaving Laos he lived in a Thailand refugee camp before moving to Chicago. Ya describes his move to the U.S. as “culture shock.” Coming to one of the biggest cities in the United States after living in tiny towns and refugee camps without running water was a drastic change. Ya attended middle school in Eau Claire, WI, and then graduated from Green Bay West High School. After high school, Ya earned his art degree from the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. Outside of work, Ya enjoys running and spending time with his family, which includes six children and three grandchildren. He also loves soccer, and coached at West High School and East High School for many years.

Katie KohtalaKatie Kohtala is a third grade bilingual teacher at Danz Elementary. She is currently in her 14th year of teaching but her ninth year at Danz. Katie was drawn to the field of education after having some wonderful teachers in her youth. She has a passion for learning, and loves getting to know students and experiencing their “light bulb moments” of understanding. This year, Katie was named a 2022 Teacher of Distinction. Katie is working on earning her Master’s Degree to become a licensed reading specialist. She feels this will make her a better leader in her building, and a better educator in the classroom. Katie loves the Danz community, and enjoys working with people who care about education. In her free time, she loves to read mystery novels and children’s books. She is a member of a book club, and also loves to garden. Katie uses her gardening skills to help with the Danz school garden. She also enjoys watching movies and doing home improvement projects.

Jenny WassenbergJenny Wassenberg has been a Project-Based Learning Advisor at John Dewey Academy of Learning (JDAL) for two years. Prior to taking her position at JDAL, Jenny helped co-found Phantom Knight, a project-based charter school in West De Pere. She was excited to join the team at JDAL, and has enjoyed getting back into an advisor role where she can focus on the students. Jenny is a graduate of Preble High School. She earned her undergraduate degree and her first master’s degree at UW - Green Bay. Jenny has her second master’s degree from Marian University. Jenny has always wanted to be in the education field, and a few influential teachers at Preble High School helped solidify that she was on the right career path. In her free time, Jenny enjoys spending time with her husband (a fellow Preble graduate) and son. She enjoys running, spending time outside, camping, spending time with family and friends, and reading with her son. Jenny and her husband have also hosted foreign exchange students in the past, and hope to visit them in their hometowns around the world in the future. 

Nancy ChybowskiNancy Chybowski is in her seventh year of teaching at Langlade Elementary School. She enjoys teaching because she works directly with students and is able to have a significant impact on their learning. Nancy enjoys solving problems and working with families to find the best possible learning situation for each child. This year, Nancy was named a 2022 Teacher of Distinction. While attending St. Norbert College, Nancy completed her student teaching at Langlade. This experience helped cement her love for teaching and education. Having previously been in third grade, Nancy enjoys having her former students as fifth graders and seeing how much they have grown. Outside of work, Nancy enjoys playing tennis, crafting, and sewing. She also loves to travel and hike.

Dusti Evans-Klukas

Dusti Evans-Klukas has been a school social worker for the Green Bay Area Public School District for nine years. Currently at Preble High School, Dusti loves her job because it allows her to “encourage students, connect them with resources to help them achieve success, and teach them life skills.” Dusti helps manage The Hive at Preble, which is a school donation center that provides necessary supplies and resources for students to have a successful school experience. Professionally, Dusti is a regional representative for the Wisconsin School Social Workers Association, and a board member of the Adolescent Parenting Coalition. She finds working with teen parents rewarding because it allows her to support both the parent and child, helping them find necessary resources such as medical assistance and childcare. Dusti and her husband are proud foster parents, and currently have three foster children and one biological child in their home. Dusti considers her biological son to be the “superhero of her heart,” for the way he loves, welcomes, and supports his foster siblings. In her limited free time, Dusti enjoys gardening, traveling, and learning about different cultures with her family. 

Ryder VantRyder Vang is a fifth grader at Kennedy Elementary School. He is described by his principal as engaging and hardworking. Ryder has autism, and says his autism is what makes him special. In Ryder’s words, “My autism makes me want to keep learning and have a different perspective. I also ask a lot of questions.” Ryder enjoys learning about history, and can name many historical figures. His favorite person to learn about is Abraham Lincoln. When he grows up, Ryder plans to be a train engineer, truck driver, or a factory worker. In his free time, Ryder spends time on the computer and plays with his four brothers.

Grace BatchelorGrace Batchelor is a fourth grade student at Langlade Elementary School, who is described by a teacher as “coming to school with a smile on her face every day.” At school, Grace enjoys reading, writing, and doing math because it is a fun challenge. Grace is currently learning sign language so she can communicate with a few of her classmates who use sign language. She knows the alphabet in sign language, and is quickly learning to sign words as well. Outside of school, Grace enjoys playing soccer, reading and playing outside. She likes swimming, sledding, building forts and spending time with her dogs. When Grace grows up she wants to be a soccer player. Her favorite team is the Green Bay Glory women’s premier soccer team. 

Andrew Gehm is a Preble High School senior with a jam-packed schedule, but that’s just the way he likes it. On a typical day, Andrew attends school at Preble in the morning, heads to his Youth Apprenticeship paid internship with Delaware North at Lambeau Field in the afternoons, and then back to school for basketball or baseball practice. Andrew is one of the south end zone inclusive supervisors for Delaware North. His job consists of ordering and stocking materials, and making sure things run smoothly on game days. Andrew considers his Youth Apprenticeship internship to be the best way to get real world-experience and build connections for his future. Before attending Preble, Andrew went to Leonardo da Vinci School for Gifted Learners from 4th through 8th grade. Andrew credits his education at da Vinci for preparing him to manage his time wisely and take on a bigger workload in high school. Thanks to his time at da Vinci, Andrew was able to take Chinese 4 at Preble as a freshman. Most of the classes he takes at Preble are Advanced Placement or dual credit, and he will begin his freshman year of college with 30+ credits. After graduation, Andrew plans to attend either UW-Madison or UW-Milwaukee to study business. In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball, baseball, golf, and hanging out with his friends. 

Raelea Scott is a senior at West High School, and a full International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program student at West. Raelea was also an International Baccalaureate student at Franklin Middle School, and says the IB program has prepared her for the rigors of college-level work. After high school, Raelea hopes to attend Marquette University to pursue a career in the medical field. She is interested in medicine because she considers it an important puzzle, where the provider has to piece together clues from the patient to solve their medical issues. Raelea is considering studying to become a surgical Physician’s Assistant. In her spare time, Raelea enjoys sketching, painting, doing martial arts, listening to music and playing soccer. 

Salma MohamedSalma Mohamed is a Southwest High School senior from Somalia. She moved to Wisconsin with her family in 2016, and attended Lombardi Middle School before Southwest. Salma is deaf, and notes that the transition from Africa to Wisconsin was a monumental change. Salma did not attend school in Africa, and was very nervous to start school in the United States. Salma met Deaf/Hard of Hearing teachers Lauren McElrone and Amy Curran right away when she started at Lombardi, and credits them for helping her transition successfully into traditional school. Salma has five siblings, and is the only deaf person in her family. Prior to learning American Sign Language (ASL) in Green Bay Area Public Schools, Salma communicated with her family by reading their lips. Since coming to the United States, Salma’s twin sister was able to take ASL classes, and now communicates with Salma partially through sign language. Prior to COVID, Salma played softball for Southwest High School. She has enjoyed making friends on the team, and some of the athletes have even taken sign language classes with her. Outside of school, Salma enjoys reading, writing and cooking. Her favorite food is Somali sambusa, a fried triangular pastry that is stuffed with onion, meat, garlic and spices. Salma says her friends are always asking her to bring sambusas to school!

Mai Nu VangMai Nu Vang has been teaching at Lombardi Middle School for five years. She is currently teaching 6th grade English Language Arts in addition to reading intervention. Mai earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh, and is now pursuing her master’s degree in human service leadership. Mai was born in California, but grew up in Appleton, WI. She found a love of teaching and education through her experience teaching Sunday School at her church for many years. Growing up, Mai wanted to be the first Asian-American President of the United States. In addition to her teaching position, she also leads the Asian-American Pacific Islander club at Lombardi, and coaches soccer. When Mai has free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, biking, and painting. Her favorite cuisines to cook and eat are Thai and Vietnamese food.

Elise WilliamsElise Williams is an active and engaged senior at Southwest High School. She’s so busy in fact, that her friends like to joke that she “lives at school.” Elise is the senior class president, Intra-City Student Council representative, a National Honor Society member, and Link Crew participant. Elise is passionate about music and plays many instruments, including the electric bass guitar, trombone, and the cymbals. Elise plans to make music her future career. She is leaning towards attending the University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh to major in music education. Eventually, her goal is to become a band teacher. Elise has enjoyed being active in high school music activities, including marching band, color guard, show choir, jazz band, and drumline. She also played in the pit for the Southwest musical, and participated as a cast member. One of Elise’s personal heroes is her band teacher Ms. Sara Baye. She looks up to Ms. Baye because she loves music. Elise credits Ms. Baye for making the band a class she can’t live without. 

Andrew VilliesseAndrew Villiesse is the culinary instructor at East High School. Prior to teaching at East, he also taught at Preble and Southwest High Schools. Andrew is a UW-Madison alum, where he studied microbiology and literature. He is also a proud Southwest High School graduate (Class of 2003). Since age 15, Andrew has worked in restaurants from Sturgeon Bay to Madison. Andrew brings his love of cooking to the classroom. Thanks to recent renovations, East High School was able to add Culinary 3 to its culinary arts pathway. Andrew loves the diversity of the students at East. Students share recipes and foods from their culture, which provides new experiences for Andrew and his students. Andrew’s proud moments are when his students share with him how they have used what they learned in class to cook a meal for their families or explain how they modified a recipe. Andrew is passionate about teaching students how to cook, because he knows it is a skill they will use throughout their life.

Jameson HuberJameson Huber is a senior at Southwest High School. After high school graduation, he plans to attend the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater to major in marketing or accounting. After college, Jameson plans to work at his family’s business, 1st Class Real Estate. At Southwest, Jameson enjoys playing basketball and golf. He especially enjoys his business classes, and says that Mrs. Volk is his favorite teacher. His Business Principles class with Mrs. Volk is a personal favorite, as the class runs a waffle business on Wednesday mornings. Jameson is involved with DECA at Southwest, as well as FBLA. Both organizations will help him achieve his business goals in the future. In his free time, Jameson enjoys playing video games, watching movies with his dad, and cheering on his favorite Wisconsin sports teams. His favorite place to travel is Florida, and he loves spending time on the beach.

Joel DelwicheJoel Delwiche is a school psychologist at Martin and Nicolet elementary schools. This is Joel’s second year working for the Green Bay Area Public School District. Prior to joining the District, he earned his undergraduate degree at the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater and his postgraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse. Joel is a graduate of Preble High School, and says his Psychology class at Preble sparked his interest in the field of school psychology. Joel enjoys the team atmosphere at both of his elementary schools, and values the conversations he has with his colleagues on how best to support students. Outside of work, Joel enjoys playing basketball, golfing, and watching sports. He especially enjoys rooting for the North Carolina men’s basketball team. 

Brooke HockBrooke Hock is a senior at Preble High School who has made the most of her high school experience. She enjoys volunteering in the community, plays softball, and has been a member of AVID (a college readiness program) at Preble since her freshman year. She is also involved in National Honor Society, Key Club, Link Crew and more. A highlight of Brooke’s high school career was organizing a fundraiser for disabled veterans called “Home Runs for Heroes.” A home run softball derby was held in October, and Brooke was able to raise $3,372 to support Disabled American Veterans (DAV) with support from one of her coaches, Brad Foytik. Her grandfather served in the Army for 21 years, so this cause is especially close to Brooke’s heart. Brooke also enjoys volunteering at an annual veterans picnic, and the Special Olympics bowling tournament. She has also donated her time to Paul’s Pantry, the Salvation Army, and has been a tutor. When she’s not volunteering, Brooke enjoys playing softball, camping, boating, playing games with family and friends, and being outside. She also likes spending time with her puppy, and cooks and bakes as well. In the future, Brooke is leaning towards a career path in engineering. 

Raquel RandRaquel Rand is the new District Library Media Coordinator for Green Bay Area Public Schools. Prior to her new role, Raquel was a technology integrator and a library media specialist at three elementary schools in the District. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire, and her master’s degree in library science from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. Raquel has always loved to read, and teaching others is a skill that comes naturally. At this point in her life, she actually listens to audiobooks more frequently than she reads physical books. Although she loves many genres, she is partial to thrillers and mystery novels. Outside of work, Raquel enjoys taking long walks with her son while they listen to an audiobook together. She also loves sports, and plays on three different volleyball teams. 

Jerry SkaletskiJerry Skaletski has been a facility technician at Wequiock Elementary School for 12 years. Prior to Wequiock, he worked as a custodian at Edison Middle School and Southwest High School, for a total of 26 years serving students in the Green Bay Area Public School District. Jerry’s favorite part of his job is keeping the building clean for when students enter the building, supporting teachers with whatever they may need, and keeping everyone in the building safe. Jerry considers the staff at Wequiock to be “one big family,” and appreciates how everyone steps in to help one another when needed. Jerry is the only male staff member in the building, and always takes time for students when they are feeling down and need a minute to talk with him. He makes sure to check on them throughout the day, and reminds them that, “tomorrow will be a better day.” In his spare time, Jerry enjoys grilling, golfing, hunting, and biking - anything outdoors!

Yakatahawine Zacarias SkenandoreYakatahawine Zacarias Skenandore is an active and involved sophomore at Preble High School. She grew up in a culturally diverse home as her father is Puerto Rican and her mother is Native American. Growing up, she was part of the Spanish bilingual program at Danz Elementary and Edison Middle School. Yakatahawine’s mother is a traditional Iroquois Earth songs teacher. Native American songs and traditional dances have always been part of Yakatahawine’s life. She currently holds the title of Little Miss Oneida for the Oneida Nation, and enjoys sharing and celebrating her culture with others. Yakatahawine has always been an involved student, and has enjoyed being part of AVID, Multicultural Achievement Committee (MAC) Scholars, forensics, the school newspaper, and more. She also plays soccer for the Preble High School soccer team and a club team. In her free time, Yakatahawine enjoys reading and socializing with friends. In the future, she plans to attend a four year university, and hopes to have a career that involves supporting children. 

Lyle Metoxen

Lyle Metoxen is a First Nations Cultural Resource Specialist at King Elementary School. Prior to coming to the Green Bay Area Public School District (GBAPS), Lyle had a career in law enforcement for 30 years. He was part of the Oneida Nation Police Department for 22 years, and worked as a school liaison officer for the Oneida Nation School System. After only a year in retirement, Lyle joined the Green Bay Area Public School District. Lyle is a proud enrolled member of the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin, and enjoys serving our students, parents, and the community. As a member of the GBAPS Title VI Indian Education team, Lyle would like to encourage any GBAPS families who belong to a recognized tribe or identify as a descendant to fill out the Federal 506 form in order to receive Title VI services. The primary focus of the Title VI team is to provide culturally relevant resources to parents, students and staff, as well as literacy and engagement. There are also opportunities for parents to get involved, including the Title VI Parent Advisory Committee. Lyle has been married for 36 years, and enjoys traveling with his wife in his free time.

Sara NoahSara Noah is the new Executive Director of Finance for Green Bay Area Public Schools. Prior to her new position, she was the city administrator for Oconto. Sara has always been drawn to the field of accounting because she enjoys when things are in balance, and when there is a definite right answer to a question or problem. The education field is dear to Sara’s family, as her mother taught French and English. Sara attended the University of Wisconsin - Madison with a major in accounting. She is excited to be part of the Green Bay Area Public School District, and has enjoyed her experience so far. In her free time, Sara loves spending time with her two sons and husband. She loves to travel, golf, and shop. Sara also loves to read, and enjoys diving into a good book as an escape from reality. 

Kyaw NarKyaw Nar (Kyaw is pronounced Jaw) is the new Karen Bilingual Paraprofessional for the Green Bay Area Public School District (GBAPS). Karen languages are spoken in lower Myanmar (Burma) and on the borders of Thailand. Kyaw came to the United States from a Thailand refugee camp in 2010. He is an East High School graduate, and attended Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC) to study IT Support. Prior to his new position with GBAPS, Kyaw was employed at WeConnect as an enterprise specialist. Kyaw is looking forward to supporting students and families within GBAPS who have a language barrier, just like he had when he came to Green Bay. He understands the experience of refugee children, and is excited to be a resource for them. Outside of work, Kyaw enjoys spending time with his family, walking the trails, hunting, watching movies and playing video games. 

Kim KleinKim Klein wears many hats at East High School - she’s an attendance secretary, library secretary and the audio/visual (AV) room coordinator. Kim describes herself as a “Jill of all trades,” and loves to be part of the East High School community. Kim is also a professional photographer part-time, and specializes in natural light portraits. She takes all the photos for the Why East? social media campaign, which features East High School students. Kim enjoys connecting and building relationships with the students, and feels it is important that they are seen and heard. Kim wants all students to feel welcome and part of the East High School family. In her free time, Kim loves to dance, read, take photos, walk and skate. 

Mary Lofy BlahnikMary Lofy Blahnik began her new role with Green Bay Area Public Schools as the Executive Director of Human Resources on July 1, 2021. Previously, she was the Director of Instruction for the School District of Sheboygan Falls. Mary’s father was a professor, and she knew from a young age that she wanted to be an educator. It’s exciting for her to be in a role where she can help secure the best and brightest staff in the Green Bay area, and she cannot imagine a career outside of education. Since starting her new position in Green Bay, she has been impressed with how friendly and welcoming District staff have been. Outside of work, Mary loves volunteering. Her husband is a volunteer firefighter for the Silver Creek Fire Department in Manitowoc, and she volunteers as the fire department’s auxiliary president. Mary and her husband also volunteer to provide respite care for foster children.

Ileana PaganAt only 11 years old, Lombardi Middle School sixth grader Ileana Pagan has already won her first big art contest - the annual Packers Student Art Contest (grades 6-8 division). The contest encouraged students to share an artistic representation of what the Packers mean to them. Ileana’s winning submission included a depiction of a yellow ribbon wrapped around the Lombardi trophy, and two hands clasped together. Her artwork is particularly meaningful, as it represents the Packers role in supporting Ileana’s family while her brother battled childhood cancer. As a contest winner, Ileana won tickets to an upcoming Packers game, a $5,000 donation to the Lombardi art program, and her artwork will be displayed at historic Lambeau Field. Ileana plans to take her father and brother to the Packers vs. Bears game in December. Ileana’s favorite classes at Lombardi are art and orchestra. She has enjoyed drawing since she was three years old, and likes to draw in her free time. In the future, Ileana would like to attend college to pursue a career where she can help people, potentially as a nurse

Emily Koepp is a senior at Preble High School, and the president of the District’s Intra-City Student Council. She is also the president of DECA, a student organization that prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management. In the past, she was also secretary of the Intra-City Student Council. Emily loves to be involved with her school and help out the community. In her free time, Emily volunteers at the Freedom House in Green Bay, an organization that provides shelter, meals and basic necessities to families struggling with homelessness. In her position as Intra-City Student Council president, she enjoys being a voice for students in the Green Bay Area Public School District. She is also involved with Preble High School’s Link Crew as a leader for the underclassmen. Emily will graduate from high school in 2022, and is still applying to colleges. She is interested in attending Boston University or Boston College. Emily plans to study history and political science, and hopes to attend law school in the future to become a lawyer. 

Amy SterckxAmy Sterckx is the Executive Director of Technology and Information for Green Bay Area Public Schools. Amy began her career in the District in 2010, prior to taking a position as the Director of Technology for Sturgeon Bay School District in Door County, WI. Amy has always enjoyed working with students, and finds working in an educational setting very rewarding. Prior to joining the Department of Technology, Amy taught at Danz and Franklin. She has also taught English Language Learners at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. Amy is the chair of Wisconsin Education Technology Leaders (WETL), and the co-chair of WIT4Girls, where her goal is to attract, grow, and retain women into technology-related careers. Her specific focus as the co-chair for WIT4Girls is to help young girls become interested in the technology field. In her free time, Amy and her family spend time outside whenever they can. They enjoy boating, snowmobiling, and hiking. Amy also has a love for photography and keeps her hobby alive by documenting her family’s adventures through photos. Her family is interested in do-it-yourself projects, and they are always keeping busy with home-building, landscaping and car restoration.   

Melissa Wojcik, principal

Melissa Wojcik is the new principal of Langlade Elementary, located in the Village of Allouez. Prior to joining GBAPS, Melissa was the principal at two private elementary schools in Luxemburg-Casco. Melissa’s educational philosophy is to create a positive school culture for students and staff, so that everyone can become the best possible version of themselves. Melissa has always enjoyed working with children, and finds the work to be meaningful and impactful. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin - Madison, and her master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin - Superior. Melissa is looking forward to being part of the Langlade school community, and is excited to learn more about the Deaf & Hard of Hearing program offered at Langlade. Outside of school, Melissa enjoys spending time with her children and family, taking photos, riding bicycles, and baking cakes for special 

Jessica Malcore is the new principal of Wequiock Elementary School Children’s Center for Environmental Science. Prior to becoming the principal of Wequiock, Jessica was an associate principal at Danz Elementary and Red Smith School, and taught at Aldo Leopold Community School. Jessica has always had a strong love for working with students, and prides herself on being an integral part of helping kids learn, grow and find their way. She attended the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay for her undergraduate degree and master’s degree, and earned her school administrator’s license from Concordia University. In her new position at Wequiock, Jessica is most excited to partner with staff, students and families. She is looking forward to being part of a school with a strong environmental connection, supporting students to be good stewards of the environment by giving back to Earth and their community. In her free time, Jessica enjoys running, taking small road trips with her family, and doing anything outdoors.

Tanya FennerTanya Fenner is the new principal for Sullivan Elementary, the District's largest elementary school. Prior to joining GBAPS, Tanya was the principal at Merrill Elementary School in Oshkosh. This is Tanya’s 22nd year in education and her 8th year as a principal. Tanya has always loved working with children. She attended the University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh with the intention to become an audiologist. After completing an internship in special education at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, she decided to switch her major to education after a wonderful experience there. In her free time, Tanya enjoys hiking with her family, spending time with her children, and reading. She is very excited about her new role at Sullivan Elementary, and can’t wait to connect with her families and staff.

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