Metro City Buses

Metro Bus LogoThe Green Bay Area Public School District and the City of Green Bay are pleased to announce that all District students can ride city buses for free. The Board of Education approved a contract with the City that greatly increases student access to transportation.

The contract enables the District to provide transportation for more students to and from school using city buses. In addition, all students may ride the bus for any reason for free, such as to go to work, visit the public library, or access programming at other District schools. Finally, teachers have the opportunity to expand classroom learning by using the metro buses for field trips within the city. 

To ride the bus, secondary students are required to show their student ID. Elementary students are allowed to ride without identification; however, students age seven (7) and under must be accompanied by an older sibling or adult. Students are able to ride the metro buses whenever they are in operation. 

How it works

  • Students 8 and over can ride the bus alone
  • Elementary students do not need to show an ID
  • Middle school and high school students need to show school ID
  • Students 7 and under may ride the bus with an older sibling or parent/teacher/guardian/caregiver
  • Parents/guardians/caregivers riding with students must pay the applicable fare
  • Teachers and staff members riding the bus for the purpose of supervising students can ride for free

Plan your trip
A free Green Bay Metro Route Guide can be picked up at Metro’s Transportation Center, at any sales outlet or students can print the Transit Guide Booklet.  The guide includes route maps, weekday, weekday evening and Saturday schedules, fares, and other information. Students can also plan their trip by using the Trip Planner.

Boarding and exiting the bus

Students can catch the bus at any signed bus stop. When students see the bus approaching, they should step near the curb and raise their hand to let the driver know they want to board the bus. After the bus stops, passengers will exit the bus, before students may board. 

Students should move onto the bus and take a seat. Backpacks and other personal items (instruments, sports gear, etc.) should be in the seat and out of the aisle. 

When the bus is within one block of the student's destination, the student should notify the bus driver they wish to exit the bus.  Students will pull the stop request cord that runs along the upper part of the windows, or push a stop request button, sometimes located above the rear door or on a pole.  Students should  signal only once and remain seated until the bus has stopped.

Students should exit the bus using the rear door. Once students exit the bus, they should move away from the bus and wait for the bus to pull away before crossing the street.

Rules when riding the bus

  • Front seats are reserved for seniors and persons with disabilities.
  • Keep all electronic devices at a minimum volume.
  • Shoes and shirts must be worn at all times.
  • Pets must be secured in a pet carrier small enough to fit on your lap.
  • Smoking, food, and opened beverages are not allowed.
  • No littering on the bus or around bus shelters.
  • Do not use loud or offensive language.
  • No fighting or roughhousing is allowed.
  • Do not put your feet on the seats, or against the wall.
  • Backpacks and all carry-ons must be stored between the seats.
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